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Mosaic is the world’s largest production of essential fertilizer in the world that is involved in the mining and distribution of fertilizers around the world. Mosaic company is working to convert elements into natural ingredients whose uptake by the plants is easy and fast. Mosaic has currently 10.4miilion tons and 16.4 million tons of operational capacity for sulfur and phosphate respectively.

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Mosaic social and governance performance

Extraction, mining, and then manufacturing of products are the steps that are involved in making products that will boost the soil quality to a higher level. Mosaic company is working to minimize the usage of resources with greater output to increase the value of the mosaic stock. All the fertilizers used in the world contain potash and phosphate as key ingredients.


Mosaic stocks are rising every day due to the greater yield and sale of these two nutrients throughout the world. Owners and shareholders of Mosaic group are looking forward to brighter because of its products’ greater demand shortly.

Respect for the environment

Mining and fertilizing are beneficial in one way to increase the production of crops but on another hand, they may disturb the natural ecosystem. Mining and usage of water may harm the environment to a great extent so Mosaic Company is working over governance to maximize its performance without much disturbing the ecosystem.

This plan is increasing the mosaic stock as it gets more investors towards itself because of the environmentally safe program. The most essential feature of this program is to minimize the usage of fresh water, as it is an essential component of fertilizer production and the environment as well.

Engage stakeholders

Everyone who is affected by mosaic products including farmers, investors, and the community is counted as a stakeholder.  This company from a healthy relationship chart with its investors to discuss plans and ways to increase the mosaic stock. The following ways are used to analyze the performance and to establish better performance with stakeholders:

  • Regular review of governance policies in form of tables and reviews.
  • Conducting online and offline surveys from senior management staff for better options to avail.
  • Keeping a deep eye on media reports to keep the needs of people in min also helps in increasing the mosaic stock.
  • Keeping a deep insight into investors’ insights and points of view.

Improving food production level

Mosaic group has the mission to increase the supply of food to all the people of the world at less price and with better quality. This task can be performed by usage of mosaic products in the field to grow fast and cheap food for all the people.

Some of the products like K-Mag and Aspire increase the fertility of soil thus helping in growing food in much less time. Growing food in less time is beneficial for both public and the mosaic as it has a positive impact on the mosaic stock.

Managing food production

The world population is increasing day by day and it is estimated to cross 9 billion by 2050. There are fewer resources for crop filed but greater will be the need for food. This imbalance can be normalized by quick methods of growing food. The Mosaic stocks will grow more when there will be more production of key fertilizers at different levels is required. This quick method of growing crops is tested and verified many times on a small piece of ground and its results are displayed to all stakeholders.

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Final verdict

Mosaic is a publicly-traded company showing the Zack rank of two. Greater demand for phosphate and potash over time will increase the mosaic stock, making this company’s shares profitable with time.