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TellWinnDixie Has Been the Initial Floridian Organization to open Inventory Earnings on the NY Stock Exchange. It exchanged under the enjoyable ticker symbol WIN, formally on the market beginning February 8, 1952.

And, regrettably, Tell Winn Dixie additionally registered a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2005. This insolvency stripped the provider down to fewer shops than it had in the 1960s.

On December 19th, 2011, BI-LO a southeast supermarket chain bought Winn Dixie, formally removing Dixie’s very own ticker in the stock market.

That is Winn Dixie’s gloomy stock market narrative.

Tell Winn Dixie was the shop’s fifth name they embraced in 1955 if the Davis family bought 117 Dixie Home Stores and liked the name so chose to embrace it for their grocery shops.

The Davis family founded what we know nowadays as the Winn Dixie series in 1925 and it still remains today, despite the fact that it’s currently owned by the BI-LO supermarket, as explained previously.


Considering that the brand is powerful, the BI-LO chain let the shops to maintain their title, and they currently provide a TellWinnDixie poll at  Tell-Winn-Dixie-Survey where you’re able to present your comments in exchange for a good $5 off $40 coupon bargain on your next buy.

Tell Winn Dixie Survey Prizes


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Detailed step by step Guide of Tellwinndixie Survey


There are some simple steps to follow for filling Tellwinndixie Survey which are:

  • First of all, make a purchase from a store.
  • Keep the receipt safely with you.
  • Go to the Official Site.
  • Open Official survey page.
  • You will be required to enter the survey code.
  • Enter 18 digits from receipt.
  • Then answer the survey simple questions.
  • Get a printed coupon.
  • Keep it safe for a prize.

How does TellWinnDixie Survey Homepage look like?

The homepage is red, black and white overall. It will look somewhat like:


TellWinnDixie Survey Rules

There are simple rules to follow which have to be understood before filling survey:


  • The purchase is mandatory for filling a survey.
  • You must have your receipt with you.
  • The printed coupon is a must for claiming a prize.
  • One customer can fill only one survey.

Contact Details of Winn Dixie

If you need any sort of assistance then you can call or mail them:

Phone: 1 (866) 946-6349

Mailing Address:
Customer Support, PO Box B, Jacksonville, FL 32203-0297

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