Kroger Mastercard | How Does It Work?

It’s great for mobile wallet transactions, but Kroger-branded items aren’t as lucrative. Even long-time customers may benefit from a general cashback card.

The co-branded Kroger Mastercard can be a good option for your shopping sprees at the grocery chain’s various locations for regular Kroger customers.

However, just because you’re committed to Kroger doesn’t mean you should apply for this card. It is because, for a co-branded product, it gives a rewards rate for actual Kroger brand buying that is relatively low.


When making mobile wallet purchases, a 0% annual fee U.S. Bank Kroger card is one of the best options, but there are a few caveats to keep in mind.

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Kroger MasterCard Benefits

Here are some Kroger MasterCard Benefits:

Gasoline Coupon:

The most useful Kroger MasterCard benefit is you may save money on petrol with the Kroger REWARDS World Mastercard. During your first year as a cardholder, you may redeem every 100 points you earn for 55 cents off per gallon at Kroger fuel facilities.

Get Grocery Credits by Redeeming Points

If you earn 1,000 points, you get a $5 U.S. bank Kroger card that may be used at Kroger or Kroger Family of Companies locations mentioned below.

No Yearly Charge:

Unlike some other cards, there is no yearly charge for the Kroger REWARDS World Mastercard.

Disadvantages of Kroger MasterCard

Few Options for Redemption:

Unlike other reward cards, this one doesn’t allow you to redeem points for Kroger cashback, Kroger credit cards, or gift cards. For every 1,000 points you accrue, you’ll get a $5 Kroger or Kroger Family of Companies reward voucher. Those limitations are a drawback if you want greater freedom in using your rewards.

Points Value Is Poor:

This card’s points are worth 0.5 cents each, which is lower than what you’ll find elsewhere. You may earn at least twice as much cashback or incentives with other Kroger credit cards.

Reward Points Have An Expiration Date:

When it comes to redeeming your points, this card may not be the best option. You risk losing them forever if you don’t use the issues you’ve earned within the allotted 36 months. There are 12 months from when you redeem points for a reward certificate until it expires.

Kroger World MasterCard Bonus

Occasionally, this card offers new cardholders a promotional incentive. When you redeem points at Kroger fuel centers, you may get a discount on petrol as a Kroger World MasterCard bonus. First-year cardholders get a 55-cent per gallon discount, valid for the whole year. After the first year, you’ll save 5 cents per gallon when you use your Kroger World Mastercard bonus to redeem points and pay for gas.


When using the discount, you will not be able to collect reward points for petrol purchases.

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The Kroger Mastercard could be a smart option if you do most of your shopping at Kroger and Kroger Family of Companies locations and are happy to redeem your points there. Another perk that may entice you to join is a discount on your first year’s worth of petrol.

However, this card falls short when it comes to points value and redemption alternatives. The American Express Blue Cash Everyday or Blue Cash Preferred card, for example, might provide more excellent value than a standard cashback card. Using these cards, you may earn more Kroger cashback at stores other than Kroger (though your annual grocery spending is capped at $6,000) and use your rewards in more places.