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Captain D’s Seafood is a network of restaurants owned and run by Captain D’s, LLC, founded in 1969. More than 40 varieties of fish and seafood meals are served at the restaurant in Captain D’s Homewood, Alabama. Among the menu items are various types of fish (fried and grilled), seafood (shrimp and chicken), pasta dishes, salads, and other regional specialties.


Different side dishes are available, including corn, baked potatoes, tossed salads, hushpuppies, and southern-style green beans. According to Captain D’s, LLC, approximately 600 Captain D’s restaurants may be found in 23 different states throughout the United States.

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Captain D’s Homewood Meals and Offers

Here are some popular meals of captain D’s Homewood:

Captain D’s Homewood Fish

Here is some Captain D’s Homewood Fish Menu:

  • Fish dipped in a batter
  • Fish fillets coated in our signature batter and served with two sides and hush puppies.
  • Fish in a Country Setting
  • Cornmeal fried fish fillets with your choice of two sides and hush puppies are on the menu at this Captain D’s restaurant.
  • Feast of Catfish
  • Fillets of catfish served with your choice of three sides and hush puppies are available for purchase.
  • Catfish in Two Pieces
  • Served with your choice of two sides and hush puppies, our tender catfish is hand-breaded in our southern-style breading.
  • White Fish in the Style of Southern Cooking
  • Southern-Style White Fish Fillet served with your choice of two sides and hush puppies.

Captain D’s Homewood Freshly Cooked Meal

Here you can find Captain D’s Homewood Freshly Cooked Meal:

  • Shrimp Skewers on the Grill
  • Perfectly cooked plump seasoned shrimp served over rice with a side of rice and a breadstick, along with your choice of two sides.
  • Tasty Blackened Tilapia
  • Seasoned tilapia atop a bed of rice, your choice of two sides, and a breadstick will amp up the taste.
  • Salmon that was caught in the wild
  • Seared Wild Caught Salmon served on a bed of rice with two sides and a breadstick.
  • White Fish Lemon Peppered
  • It’s a delicate white fish fillet seasoned with pepper and lemon juice and served with your choice of two sides, rice and a breadstick on a bed of fragrant basmati rice.
  • Fish and Shrimp Skewers grilled to perfection.
  • A grilled fillet of white fish and a skewer of luscious shrimp are presented on a single plate. Two sides and breadsticks are included in the meal’s price.

Captain D’s Homewood Cuisine

Here is some Captain D’s Homewood Cuisine Menu:

  • Platter of delectable seafood
  • This Captain D’s seafood combo includes two fish fillets, six shrimp, two crab shells filled with seafood, plus your choice of two sides and hush puppies.
  • Shrimp and fish
  • It includes two battered fish fillets, six butterfly shrimp, and two sides and hush puppies.
  • Butterfly Shrimp 15-Piece Set
  • Your choice of two sides and hush puppies accompany this generous serving of our butterfly shrimp.
  • Sampler of the Best
  • Six Butterfly Shrimp and two pieces of our famous batter-dipped fish. Hushpuppies and two sides are included in the price.
  • 2 Pieces of Chicken and Fish
  • It includes hush puppies, two pieces of batter-dipped fish, and two pieces of chicken tenders.
  • Chicken breasts in four pieces
  • They are served with hush puppies and two sides of crispy breaded chicken tenders. Perfect for D’s honey mustard dipping sauce!
  • Crab, shrimp, and white fish
  • It includes our southern-style white fish, four butterfly shrimp, and a filled seafood crab shell with two sides and hush puppies.

Captain D’s Homewood Sandwiches

Some of Captain D’s Homewood Sandwiches menus are listed below:

  • Massive Sandwich of Fish
  • Tartar sauce, shredded lettuce, and two batter-dipped fish fillets on a toasted baguette.

Captain D’s Homewood Family Meal

Captain D’s Homewood Family Meal menu list is here:

  • A 10 Piece Fish Dinner for a Family
  • Ten of our Famous Batter-Dipped Fish are enough to feed a whole family, and eight hush puppies and your choice of two family-style sides will round off your meal.
  • A 14-Piece Chicken Dinner for a Family
  • Fourteen chicken tenders, eight hush puppies, and your choice of 2 family-style sides.
  • Feast of Seafood
  • Fish, shrimp, crab, and hushpuppies are all included in this 12-piece meal deal and your choice of two family-style sides.

Captain D’s Homewood Kids Meal

  • Baby Back Ribs with Chicken Fingers
  • Chicken tenders seasoned and breaded, delivered with a side, a beverage, and a fun pack.
  • Popcorn Shrimp for Kids
  • With a side drink and a fun pack, you get a generous serving of breaded, delicate shrimp bites.
  • Fish in Batter for Kids
  • One piece of our renowned batter-dipped fish served with a choice of side, drink, and fun pack.

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